Top 10 intimidating dogs

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Top 10 intimidating dogs

While on the subject of clothing, you’re going to spend a lot of time in the lanes waiting to run, fooling around with your car, or sitting in the grandstands watching other people race, so be prepared.

Sunscreen and shade are essential for long summer days at the track, and nighttime races can get chilly in the spring and fall, so make sure you have what you need to be comfortable.

A bicycle chain lock threaded through your wheels, jack frame, and (locked!

Some tracks offer loaner or rental helmets, but they’re usually exactly as nasty to wear as you might imagine, so bring your own. Bring the Right Clothing In addition to making sure your car is ready for the track, you need to be ready too.

You can’t race wearing Daisy Dukes, a tank top, and sandals, no matter how sexy you look (girls, this applies to you as well! You need closed-toe shoes, long pants, and at least a T-shirt.

It’s also a good idea to bring a jack stand to support the car.

If you plan on doing any tuning – adjusting coilovers, tweaking carburetor jets, or whatever – you’ll need the appropriate tools and spare parts.

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Learn the “culture” of the track – do they want cars with treaded tires to drive around the burnout box to keep them from dragging water up to the line, and prefer them lined up outside the groove so that the rubber doesn’t get pulled up?

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